Notre Dame de la Paix

DateOctober 2018

Notre Dame de la Paix in French, Our Lady of Peace in English. The exaltation and fervour in which the the Virgin of Peace is admired and loved, including its representations or the processions in which the virgin is physically over the people and surrounded with flowers and vegetation, directly evoke the way the royalty was portrayed in pictorial representations during the times from 1730 to 1760, period when the “rococo” movement was developed.

This poster, inspired in the XVIII century’s France (Home of the rococo) portrays the Virgin of Peace like Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France during that time, was portrayed. Elisabeth Louis Vigee Le Brun, artist and friend of Marie Antoinette, painted the portrait that has been reinterpreted here, this time with a cartoon aesthetic, inherited by the author’s profession and influenced by the also French illustrator, Benjamin Lacombe.

This work is made with a mixed technique of digital illustration and 3D art, following the guidelines of the specified style.